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MS SQL server 2008 & Windows 2003 64 bit Failover Clustering

Hi All,
I have to build a SQL server 3 node (ACTIVE-ACTIVE-PASSIVE) cluster (2008) for a client.  Both active nodes will be at primary location and one Passive node will be at remote location.
The database size will be in region of 100GB but will grow over time. We are expcting around 1-5% change/addition of data everyday.
I am looking for a good installation guide for clustering.

Do I need domain controller and all nodes part of same domain to get things working? I may have one node located at remote site which may be part of different domain.

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Senior Data Architect
To do a Windows failover cluster like you're describing, the nodes all need to be members of the same domain - that's a requirement. If they're not members of the same domain, than maybe something like SQL Database Mirroring is what you're looking for - that lets a remote location transparently accept connections on behalf of a primary database that's gone offline.

If you stick with clustering and you put the third node in a remote location, you'll be doing what's called "Geo-Clustering" or "Multi-Site Clustering". There are some special considerations there - ensuring that the network is as low-latency as possible, and also making sure that your remote node has adequate bandwidth to your SAN, since it will need to read/write the data there in case it takes over as the primary node.
lcohanDatabase Analyst

Or maybe a Warm Stand By server can serve the purpose instead of the "passive" above:

How to: Set Up, Maintain, and Bring Online a Warm Standby Server (Transact-SQL)

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