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Star79 asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I am planning to create a messaging architecture, this uses one of the SMS providers but
we plan to create a service which will interact with MSMQ Queues constantly and
sends the message in the queue to the appropriate recipients.

So, The application dumps the messages to MSMQ queues, windows service reads the messages
from MSMQ Queues and sends the message to the recipients by interacting with providers.

Since the volume is going to be very very high, are MSMQ recommended? or do we have any
other Messaging System to be used? IS WCF a better choice than MSMQ?
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I would definately go with WCF, but it's not really a question of is it better.
WCF is the overall framework that does all of the low-level interaction for you.
You can apply multiple and or different "bindings" to each service.

MSMQ is one of the available methods you can use for WCF.
So you create your service pretty much like a webservice, and then tell it to use MSMQ (there's obviously a bit more to it than that, but in a nutshell...).

If you decide down the road that you don't like MSMQ, and wanted to use straight TCP for instance, then you don't need to touch the actual service implementation / code, you just tell the server and clients to use a TCP channel instead of the MSMQ.

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