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clocks on the client and on the server machine are skewed.

daskas27 asked
I am having an issue where the Information Store will not start on Exchange 2007. The event log shows the following error.

Unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service because the clocks on the client and on the server machine are skewed. This may be caused by a time change either in the client or the server machine, and may require a reboot of that machine. Other than that, verify that your domain is properly configured and is currently online.

I checked all the servers and they all show the same time and time zone. The Exchange Server is a VM machine.
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Network Administrator
Check the time setting in your vSphere Client

Configuration > Software > Time Configuration

It should list your NTP Client and NTP server

Also run "net time" on your exchange box and your DC to check where they are pointed time syncing.

Are your able to resolve the DC for the Exch box?
Jarred PowerNetwork Administrator


If they are pointed at different locations
daskas27IT manager


Thank you

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