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Exchange 2003 - Groups for OWA? External and an Internal Group

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We utilize OWA on Exchange 2003 internally for staff who require limited e-mail functionality. However they have access to OWA externally when this is enabled. How can I put these users into a group where they only have acess to OWA internally on our network, but also alllow another group access from outside our orgranization?
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Do you have a Front-end and Back-end scenario?

If yes,
On the BE server, we can for the Internal Users, we can have all the users to have accesss

On the FE server, we can restrict the permissions on the NTFS folders c:\programfiles\exchange\exchweb....so that only a particular group has got the access
> we can even restrict the users by blocking the group-policy too...but blocking at the NTFS permission should work too

> in case of any ISA server...we can have more options to block the access

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