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A few questions, dual monitors, performance, DVI vs HDMI

I bought a Radeon 6950 and I think you can use dual monitors if you want. If I were to use the HDMI and the DVI ports with a 23" and 22" monitor, making the 23" my primary. When I play a game would it just disable the second monitor and would it cause any performance hit having two monitors even if one is disabled or turned off? The purpose of dual monitors for me is work related not for playing games I just want to make sure it doesn't hit my GPU.

When looking at 23" monitors does it matter if it uses a DVI or HDMI plug other than sound with the HDMI? Is there a loss of display quality using DVI instead of HDMI? I have seen some for sale that say they are HD but only have DVI and I thought to get the real high resolution you needed HDMI.

Also, if you want to use something like eagle eye or whatever it's called so you can use three monitors in a game does that require two video cards or can you use three ports on one card? And does it hit GPU performance pretty bad?

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The signalling is identical for HDMI and DVI unless you're using a display that requires dual links (i.e. higher than 1920 x 1200 resolution) => and even then if you have v1.3 (or later) HDMI it's the same.

So pragmatically there's no difference.

... and you'll not have any performance impact when gaming when used as you describe.

Eyefinity (AMD's cards that support 3 displays) does not cause any performance impact either -- it simply supports 3 simultaneous displays with a single card.


Cool, good to know.

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