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Error when emailing certain users on new 2010 box

ravenrx7 asked
We migrated over from 2003 exchange to 2010, about 3 user mailboxs failed on the migratation. I had to delete the mailbox on 2003 and create it on 2010. The thing is, you can email those users now and they receive it, but its your email an old distrubution list you get an error, does that DisList not just associate an emails but where the mailbox was located?
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Did you remove those user from the DL and add them back in?
The DL may point to their old mailbox location...


yes i tried that, i was thinking the same thing

Is that working or it still got the same problem after you make the changes on the DL?

If that still not working how about do one more testing by creating a test DL with only those problem mailbox if that work?

Possible to post the error message out?


it worked for my admin account, but other users got kick backs, doesnt make sense. Also like I have to delete the whole account and start over..ideas?
What if you create a new DL and put those user in?  will that still bounce back?  I think somehow those account may still got exchange attribute point to the old 2003 server.
You may want to check those account with adsiedit and make sure their exchange attribute is point to the right server(however that may take longer time than export those account to pst and delete those and create a new account and import the pst back).



thats actually what is wrong the account may still has exchange attribute point to the old 2003 server.

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