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Domain Namspace

Okay so I know this topic can get discussed a lot - but I would like to know what might be best for my Scenario.  Brand new Company, we own the domain name ABC.com.  

15-20 users in first year - 30 by next
Mail - Provided by Google Apps (no immediate need for Exchange)
No current outside website - we just own domain and provide MX records to our Host email w/Google

Should I go with ad.abc.com for the internal namespace?  I have heard of problems with .local and issues with not using 3 letter TLD's

I want to be able to have minimal issues IF we migrate to Exchange and have minimal DNS issues within the domain.


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The main issue that I know of with .local is the one Mark Parris described here Office 365   http://markparris.co.uk/2011/03/08/active-directory-local-domain-design-and-office-365/

Since you are already in the cloud with mail then who knows if someday you may want to switch to Office 365 so that would be a reason to not use.local.




Right - and I heard that some Mac OS's can handle for than 3 letter TLD.  So when I set up AD and it gets to "Name the Forest Root Domain" - I would then put in ad.abc.com.  Thus still allowing Exchange to possiblly work later and having Minimal DNS issues...


Thank you

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