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My screen goes blank when I browse to Google.com on a maximized browser

AdiGrio asked
Very strange problem... This is a new HP Pavilion Elite h8-1040 Desktop, with 10 GB of RAM running Windows 7.0 Home Premium 64bit (HP ZR24w monitor). Whenever I open a browser, maximize it and go to google.com, the screen goes blank. I have to do an Alt/F4 to close the browser in order to get the screen back. This happens for Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome, Firefox... all just installed.

I have Avast! A/V running with the latest updates, I did a full scan with Trend Micro Housecall, and they couldn't find anything. It only happens when I go to google.com. All the other search engines that I tried (including bing.com, yahoo.com... ) work fine.

In both IE and Firefox, google.com works fine if the browser is not maximized while in Chrome, it seems ok for a second or so and then it flickers back and forth a few times before going blank. However, all of the go blank right away if I go to google.com while they are maximized.
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strivoliIT Manager

Did you already check VGA DRV version (is it the latest)? Hardware acceleration on the VGA is ON or OFF? Issue happens also with Full Screen (F11 key on IE)?


Thanks for the reply!

Interestingly enough, IE was fine on Full Screen but Firefox and Chrome still crashed, regardless.

I am using a DVI connection - the video card is a GeForce GTX 550 Ti, the driver version was 267.95 but I have upgraded it to the latest one, 285.62, restarted but the problem persists. Btw, the OS has the latest updates from MS.

Since the video card supports 2 monitors, as a test, I have added a second monitor, an older Samsung SyncMaster 193s. I have disable the output for the new monitor (the HP) and all the browsers worked fine with google.com maximized, so it seems obvious that there is something wrong with the new monitor (or some incompatibility with the video card? but why it happens only with google.com?). I switched back to the new monitor, updated the monitor driver and restarted. When I go to google.com and maximize it seems fine ... for about 3-15 seconds, then I get a blank screen for 2 and so on. It is an improvement, if I can call it that way. And still is just google.com that is causing this. After browsing to several Google sites, I realized that the problem only occurs on the sites that have that Google black banner menu (with the +You Web Images Videos... ) ... quite bizarre.

An update.... I can confirm that it is the so called "Google Black Bar" that is causing the problem. Using some suggestions from www.geekosystem.com/how-to-remove-black-bar-google/, I fixed both Chrome (using the Stylish add-on) and Firefox (using a Greasemonkey script). Now the black bar is no longer displayed and the browsers stay up maximized while using google.com.
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