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Exchange 2000 vs 2003

I'm in the process of planning to install Exchange 2003 standard on a new box and then decommission Exch2000 (about 10yrs old box).  However, before doing so, management wants to know what are the benefits of Exch2003 over 2000.  I know some of you would already think why are we still in Exch2000...long story.
As far as I know, these are the differences and if you can point our more or correct me, pls do so.

1.  Exch2003 have better looking and working OWA
2.  Exch2003 can be "published" to the internet. Meaning, I can configure my Outlook to "talk" directly with our Exchange server from home without VPN.
3.  Exch2003 supports Outlook 2007 and 2010
4.  Exch2003 database size can be up to 75GB compared with only 16GB size in Exch2000
5.  Exch2003 supports e-mail push technology. Meaning, e-mails can be sync with smartphones.
6.  Exch2000 is no longer supported by MS.

Three things I'm not certain.
1.  Does Exch2003 supports public folders just like in 2000?  
2.  Do we need to purchase the "email push technology" in Exch2003 to work or is it built in?
3.  We only have about 100 or less mailboxes. Can we run the new hardware server with raided SATA drives and not SCSI?  Just don't want a performance hit.
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Gary ColtharpSr. Systems Engineer

Yes, exchange 2003 does support public folders and email archiving to public folders.
if by email push, you me active sync direct push...no, its built in.
You should be fine on SATA drives.
The 72Gb limit requires a registry tweak... the default is 18Gb.

Have your users clean up their mailstores before doing anything... then go go gadget ExMerge.

Any reason you arent going more current? At least 2007?


E-mail push as in using our iPhone, Adroid phones to send/receive e-mails and also sync with calendars, notes etc with Exch2003. Just like using a Blackberry Enterprise server with our BB phones.
What is "go go gadget ExMerge"?  Haven't clean out mailboxes but will do.
Isn't using Exmerge a long process?  I was thinking restore the database (edb and stm) to Exch2003.
Main reason is money. We already own Exh2003 and user licenses.  Besides, moving from 2000 to 2007 or 2010 is a big change isn't it?  Can we even move directly from 2000 to 2007/2010?  I thought we had to move to 2003 first anyways.
Sr. Systems Engineer
Yes, that is ActiveSync Direct Push...tis included.
What is "go go gadget ExMerge"?  >> :) just being funny... guess not. Using ExMerge is a fairly easy to use, overnight method to migrate your mailboxes from the older server to the new and maintain security. The databases are not compatable between 2000 and 2003 afaik.
I'm sure you can move to 2007...I believe your source server OS has to be Windows 2003 Std SP1 or better though.... if you are running exchange 2000, I suppose that could be a question mark.


Ah..I see about "go go gadget..." ;-)
We plan to call MS for support and just pay the one time support fee to help us with the migration.
So the points from #1 to 6 I had in my original msg are valid?  Anything else to add?  Will my users see any difference in their Outlook 2003 when the Exch2003 is in production?
Gary ColtharpSr. Systems Engineer

Yes, I think that 1-6 are good. User probably won't see a lot. I dont remember how well the older exchanges handled rules and out of office, but they should at least be better in 2003.

Good luck with your migration!

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