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Need trying to figure out why a java app is failing

rdefino asked
My company is implementing this app that uses IE and java.

We are finding it is failing on some system and some it is working.

there is no rhyme or reason why. We have win7 64 and 32bit works and doesn't work. It fails and works on different version of IE.
It works and doesn't work with AV installed. We have built new systems and it fails and then it work.

there is a Java dialog box that opens and that where it fails, but there are no logs to look at that give any indication why it fails.

Any ideas on what tools i can use that might help tell me my this java app is failing?
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Unfortunately there's a lot of bad code out there where there's little or no logging.

For us to help properly, we'd need to have the source or the binary
Just to make sure -- this is an app that you purchased or otherwise legally acquired and not some app that someone in-house has developed.  Is this correct?

Assuming source isn't available to you ...

Did you purchase this app?  Have you tried contacting the software company or party?

Or is this something like a freeware download?  If so, could you tell us what the app is?
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Awarded 2011

>My company is implementing this app that uses IE and java

Do you mean this is the applet executing in IE ?

Go to Control Panel - Java - Advanced(tab) - Java Console and check Show Console

Perhaps it will show some information then when you try executing your applet

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