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Outlook 2010 - Auto mark all as read

cmdlive asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-12

We have a mailbox we use for service updates, etc. Severel users have the mailbox on their phone and it recieves 2-500 mails a day. They would like for all mails to be marked as read once a day, so it don't accumulate to a huge number and makes the unread counter on their mobile useless.

Do you know of a way to automate a daily "mark all as read" service in the inbox? I have looked at rules, but was not able to find anything usefull. Also looked at macro's, but was only able to find examples for "mark all as read" in a seperate folder in the inbox, like spam, etc. Also I was not able to find anything about auto running the macro once a day.
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I am still checking on a "mark all as read" for a once a day schedule ... but, you can use a rule to just mark the message as "Read" as soon as it arrives in the inbox.  It seems like that would meet your needs just as nicely - waiting until the end of the day would still overload the mobiles throughout the day.

If you want to mark them as read as each one comes into the mailbox, you can't use one of the "canned" rules that are listed at the top of the rules box when you open it.  Instead, you can go under "Start from a blank rule", then:

Apply rule on messages I receive
where my name is in the To box (for that particular mailbox)
mark it as read

I'll keep trying to find a way to input "Today" as a parameter, but haven't found one yet so hopefully this workaround would do.
Alexei KuznetsovMicrosoft Outlook MVP

It is possible with ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook Professional's command line. You can schedule a task with Windows Scheduler to run the utility that marks all messages in selected folders as read.


BusyMama: Thanks for your reply. I already tried the rule scenario, but they are marked as read as soon as they are recieved, and the users needs to see what mails have been read during the day. But then at night I would run a script/macro so all mails are marked as read, so they can start all over again.

thims: Thanks for your reply. Looks like a smart tool, if only they had the mark as read function as default. Are you using it?  Have downloaded the demo and will see if I can get it working, but seems a bit complicated.
Microsoft Outlook MVP
Yes, I'm using it :) Actually, I'm one of its developers, so feel free to contact support any time for any questions.

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