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Moving Exchange 2007 mailboxes to new storage group, OWA loses messages

kjkamin asked
I am moving mailboxes from a corrupt .EDB into a new .EDB in a second (new) storage group. The mailboxes move without error, but now users logging into OWA only see mail from after the move.

Do I need to point OWA to the new storage group/.edb? If so, how do I do that?
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Is the storage under the same server?  As long as the user can log in via owa which mean the owa is working fine(you don't need to point the owa to the new storage as long as it under the same org).   Did you check the mailbox size and ensure the mailbox is the right size?


Yeah storage is under the same server.

I did just double-check and the new storage group was created with the default size limits, and some of the mailboxes would have been over those limits. I disabled the size limits now -- but how do I get the email back that didn't transfer? The mailboxes only show up in the new storage group so I can't "re-move" them...

Is there anything left over on the old storage?  If the mailbox over the new storage it will not move over.
If the mailbox moved got the right mailbox size?


The mailboxes appeared to move successfully but the messages just disappeared. I ended up having to export from the client (which was thankfully in cached mode and therefore had all of the messages stored locally), then re-import on the client using "Replace duplicates with items imported."

The imported messages populated the new mailbox and the user can now see old messages via OWA.

I'm trying another set of mailboxes tonight, and I'll let you know if I see the same behavior now that I've relaxed the storage limits on the new database.
oic, better export those to a pst before doing the movement if the lost message happens...

I've be working with many firm and moving mailbox all the time normally, it's either failed or success and it never moved a mailbox and lose message...

Export-Mailbox –Identity  -PSTFolderPath (to export the mailbox to pst).


Didn't resolve my issue about where the messages went or how to recover, but useful to know how to do an export to PST directly from PS.

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