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Reset Great Plains 10.0 User Passwords using SQL

I need to do a maas reset of all of my users' passwords in GP 10.0. I used to be able to do this in GP 9.0 from SQL. When I do it from SQL with 10.0 the users cannot login using their new, default password. I am not enforcing any password policies and the accounts are enabled. I do not want to go to into the user setup screen and type a password for each user. I want to run a quick SQL Script and have that fo it for me.
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Not possible dear. Dynamics GP saves the password after doing encryption to them, and it's not the same as the SQL password. So, if you have a GP user and you reset his password in SQL, you won't be able to log in to GP by this user, and you must assign the password in GP. What I suggest, reset the password for one user, and refer to the users table and copy that user's password to all of other users.


Reset the JohnSmith password to 123, go to the users master table, and copy the password field of JohnSmith to other users using SQL statement something like this:


I assumed 20x00203 is the encrypted 123 password, and you need to replace this text with JohnSmith's encrypted password.

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