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Workstation Connecting to the wrong Exchange Server

Ray McGowan
Ray McGowan asked
We have recently brought in a new tenant to our office.  They had their own DC running Exchange 2003.  We decided to let them use our exchange server for their mail so that we would not have an issue with two exchange servers running in the same domain.  They only have two workstations and they both login into their DC and then use their Outlook to connect to our Exchange Server.  One workstation is working fine.  The other workstation, when configuring the outlook mail client keep connecting to the old exchange server.  When setting up the account, we input the new excange servers name and then the users name, when the system resolves the users name it changes the server name back to the old server.

Any help would be appriciated.
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So this is a little confusing but I am picking up on this- "so that we would not have an issue with two exchange servers running in the same domain". So this user is a member of a domain with an existing domain (with an exchange server) , and they are connecting with your domain to try to get mail. SO connecting to two mail servers in the same domain is easier then trying to coneect to two totally different domain with the same user. The best solution to connect to two different autoritative mail domains is to use outlook to connect to her local domain and then to use Outlook Web Access to connect to the other domain. I think this will keep you out of the trees. I may have missed the mark but thats what it seems like.

Ray McGowanConsultant


No.  What I meant was there domain name is now on our exchange server.  We have shut down their old exchange server.  

Are you manually setting up...?

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