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Running SQL Profiler jobs

VBBRett asked
I want to run a SQL profiler job where I query how many transactions hit a particular table.  I also want to know what user that is logged in hits the table, what queries and stored procedures hit the table and what time the table gets hit.  Ultimately, I would be able to see how many transactions are running at any given time.  How do I do this step by step?
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Database Analyst
You should start SQL SSMS, start SQL Profiler from Tools menu, select columns listed below, check boxes ExistingConnection under Sessions, RPC:Completed under StoredProcedures and SQL:BatchCompleted under TSQL. Then set filter to capture all events for your table_name only - like ‘%table_name%’.

TextData, ApplicationName, LoginName,CPU,Reads,Writes,StartTime,EndTime,Duration,ClientProcessId,SPID,Error,HostName

Caution that you don’t want to run it on the SQL server itself but from a client, then by running it for a long period of time it may accumulate lots of data, and last but not least it could impact your SQL performance.

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