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Cannot save a shared file

I have some shared folders on the server(sbs 2003). Users normally open, edit and save the documents. This has to be one person at a time accessing the document.
Problem is with 2 particular computers; When one opens any of the shared files, the files take unusually long to open. There is then an error message that 'the document is protected and is in use by another user'.It thus gives the option to open as read only. The user has to do a 'save as' with another name inorder for the changes to be saved. I have made sure that no other user has the files open.This is regardless of which user is logged to those machines. On other machines, they open normally. It is very annoying. Please help!
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I can think of a few things:

1. these 2 PCs do not have the latest patches and upgrades for the OS and/or office
2. these PCs are in a different OU in active directory with different permissions
3. these PCs are not part of the domain
3. the network connection to these 2 PCs is different (speed, duplex, etc.)

It's about the file permission .
Some machines lost the permission due to some reasons . You'd better set the permission of the shared files again.

best regards.
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