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User can not access Internet or Intranet from remote session on Terminal Server

One user can not access Internet or Intranet.
In this customer, most users essentially use their desktops as dumb terminals to remote desktop to the terminal server (2003 r2).. No one else is reporting a problem. Other users doing the same job on other shifts use the same desktop to access the terminal server and aren't having the problem.
I can't find any error messages or warnings in the Event Viewer. I checked AD, nothing different about her id from others doing the same job. I logged on with her userid - IE just doesn't connect. For giggles, I opened a command prompt and was able to ping www.google.com.
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If you are using IE, make sure the browser is not set to "Work Offline". If so, uncheck it. Also check to make sure proxy settings are correct if you use a proxy...


"Work offline" was the first thing that I thought of and I thought I would have been a hero with that one - but it wasn't checked. Now, proxy settings, since they don't use them, I wouldn't have gone there in a hundred years but since you mentioned it - I thought I'd better check before responding. How proxy settings were checked for this user.... You must have a cyrstal ball.!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Brilliant - thanks

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