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Why does a Stand-alone Project MPP file become read-only when saving back to M0SS 2007 document library?

An MPP file created by Sally in Project 2007 and saved on MOSS 2007 is being checked out and edited by Steve with Project 2003.

When Steve tries to save changes to the file back to MOSS, he is given the error that the file is Read-Only.

We would expect something like “The file was created by a newer version of Microsoft Project and a converter is needed to open it.  Do you want to download the converter from the Microsoft Office Website?”


“Project cannot open this file because the format is not recognized.  The file was probably created using a newer version of Project.”

Is the error we are getting (read-only) indicative of a version issue or something else?  IF ELSE, where should we be looking?

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The reason is Steve Trying to make changes to a file created with newer version of office. Office 2007 came with new file formats..

one way to resolve this problem to ask sally to save files in project 2003 format instead of 2007.

other solution is to update steve computer with this.


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Where is Steve opening the project file from?
(1) If it is a mail attachement, he will need to save it as first on a location - all files opened from an email are read only
(2) now, you can use the COMPATIBILITY pack incorporate in SP3
SP3 also contains a file converter that enables Project 2003 to read the new Project 2007 file format and improvements to Project's ability to load large master projects.
read here:

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