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MS Outlook restrict access to your own calendar

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12

We have a customer who has PDA's out on the road with workmen & the girls in the office update their calendars for jobs etc. We have an issue where some of the guys move or delete appointments & would like to restrict their access to read only.
Currently the customer ha
MS Exchange 2007 Std
Active Sync enabled & available for PDA type users.

For each engineer we have given them a mailbox within exchange & configured their PDA to access their emails & calendars. We then share these calendars for the operators so they can update the engineers calendar so they can see where they are supposed to be.
We need to find a way to stop any of the engineers from making changes on their calendars only. This way only the office workers can make changes. Is this possible?

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IMO, using Windows PDA we dont have any options of accessing the "Shared calendar\mailbox"

Normally when the windows-PDA user access their mailbox, the content will have a full access for me.

- If possible thing about any website with the calendar stuff....grant just read-only permission

In this case, the PDA device needs to use the browser to access the site to get the data


Hi E Aravind,

Thanks for your input. Not really the answer I was hoping for but I fear you are correct..


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