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How to get full details of calendar appointment by mouse-over in Outlook 2003

JoanEdington asked
I have been using Outlook 2003 for several years now and haven't been able to reproduce a characteristic that I definitely saw before. In the calendar, if I mouse-over an appointment where the subject and location together are longer than a line, it displays the full subject and location in an expansion box. I seem to remember, at one time, that it used to expand to also display the contents of the main details box. Am I imagining things or is there some setting that I am missing to activate this characteristic?
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I have been trying to research this for you as I don't have Outlook 2003 anymore.  I'm not 100% this will work, but is there a "Preview" or "AutoPreview" option in the View menu?

I have found conflicting information on whether or not this is a feature of 2003.  It is definitely a feature of 2007 and 2010 but it does have to be set to the particular view "Preview".


Many thanks Busymama. In them View menu there was an option to Arrange, Current View, Day/Week/Month View with Autopreview. When I clicked that, the view went to a Day View but, by then clicking on the Month View, it went back to normal but with the full display I was looking for.
I apologise for not answering this sooner but, for some reason, I didn't receive the usual notification of a comment by email.
Thanks again.

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