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Unable to RDP in to TMG server after SP1 update

We have a problem with SP1, I mean after installing the SP1 and all other TMG kb's now we cannot access the TMG server with RDP, before installing the SP1 and other TMG updates we could acess the TMG server from external Location (with diffirent port then 3389) and from internal domain with port 3389, but not we cannot do that any more, when try to access the TMG server with RDP we get the same Error  as if the Remote desktop is not enabled  at all on the server!!! this is not the case I did check the remote option and it is enabled ,and  the wirde thing is we can access all other publieshed Website and T.S servers behind this TMG just not the TMG itself.
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I would uncheck the RDP option on the machine, click OK out of all the menu's, then go back in and re-check it off. I've run into that problem before and this seemed to help me.

Also try to change the rdp to another port and see if it helps.  Sometime the problem is the rdp used a non-standard port.

Hi, might be worth checking the RDP configuration from scratch.  Please go through this & see if you find anything not completed:




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