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Reassemble RAID 10 array without losing data

ghfllc asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I have a RAID 10 array created from 4 iSCSI devices.  This morning I temporarily lost connectivity to 2 of those drives.  And it was long enough for mdadm to take them out of the array.  Unfortunately it was the 3rd and 4th drive which left me with an unusable array.  It was automatically made inactive.  I know the data on those iSCSI drives is in tact but I can't figure out how to bring them back to an active status.  I have already tried rebooting the server but it just brings up the array in inactive mode with 2 spares.  I found a suggestion online to --create the array again with the --assume-clean option so my data won't be lost.  When I do that it says that all 4 drives appear "to be part of a raid array" but on 3 of them it also says the "partition table exists" and "will be lost or meaningless after creating the array".  If I allow it to continue will the lost partition tables mean lost data or will it be able to salvage the data?
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I decided to allow it to continue and the array was brought back online without any apparent data loss.

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