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schedule multiple appointments in Outlook that are not reoccurring and not a series

I am scheduling a class for a group and I want to send appointments for the group in one invite, and I don't want to send an invite for every day.  I have to share the training room with several other groups so the days that I received don't really have any pattern other then random.

the reoccurrence feature in Outlook does not really help, because it only really accepts patterns.

What I imagine is selecting the time for the first day and then holding down the shift and Selecting all the following days from the little calendar in the upper right.

Any way I can do this ?
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The best advice I can give you is to set up the first appointment, then once it's on your calendar copy it and paste it on to the subsequent days where you want it.  I tried choosing multiple days and pasting but it didn't work; also I haven't found anyone who has been able to do this.  It sure would be a nice Microsoft enhancement ...  :)


Thanks for the advice.

I wish the people at Microsoft would required to use there own products.

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