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What is the maximum hard disk capacity supported by OS of 32 Bits ?


I would like to know what is the maximum hard disk capacity supported by OS of 32 Bits ? and What would be a good tool to format correctly a hard disk of 1.5Tb

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That would be a motherboard bios related limit, not the OS limit.

Check your motherboard manufacturer's website for the maximum size allowed.
Sorry, to answer the second part of the question, if you are connecting a new drive to a system with an OS currently installed on another drive, use the OS to format it.

Otherwise a bootdisc for your OS has tools on it to format a drive.

hard drive are limited by type of motherboard / bios you are using and issues occurs when hard drive is over 2TB but you mentioned it is 1.5 TB. It is fine to format it using OS in built format command though NTFS file system is recommended...
A volume over 2TB will work fine in win7 x86. In order to make a partition larger than 2TB though, you'll need to use GPT rather than MBR. Unless you have a board that supports EFI, this means that you won't be able to boot from the >2TB partition. It'll work just fine for storage though. Alternatively, you could break it up into several smaller partitions. Western Digital announced the availability its own 3TB and 2.5TB internal hard drives--the latest in the WD Caviar Green family--that you can bring home and install in your computer. This is great news for those who want a second and large hard drive for their computer that runs Windows 7 or Vista.
The reason that Seagate has been hesitating to release the 3TB Barracuda XT internal hard drive--which it used to make the FreeAgent GoFlex Desk external hard drive and the BlackArmor NAS server--as a standalone product is because of the limitations in existing PC motherboards and in Windows operating systems.
Seagate foresees that most PC computers won't recognize the drive with its maximum amount of storage.
This is because 32-bit Windows operating systems generally support only the legacy Master Boot Record (MBR), which has the cap partition size of 2.19TB, to manage the hard drive. This means, the system won't see more than 2.19TB of storage, regardless of how much larger the hard drive's actual capacity is.

The built in windows format function should be more than capable to accommodate your required task

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