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Backup Exec 2010 - System Volume Information - Necessary to backup

Program1981 asked
I have a SBS 2011 server. Is it necessary to backup the system volume information folder of my 3 drives? The use a lot of space and it takes a large space of the backup (tape).

I use Backup Exec 2010 R3 as backup-software.
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System volume info contains the restore points.. backing up those may not be necessary but if it really concerns you then run disk cleanup and delete all restore points and create a new restore point using restore option... It will clear the old restore point which are taking space on HD and a new restore point wont take much space while taking backup...


Thank you for your answer. The only problem is: it takes a lot of space of the backup.
I understand it is not necessary to backup...?
Yes, It is not necessary to backup restore points....


Thank you :-)