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exchange encryption

DEFclub asked
How do i send encrypted messages useing outlook w/ exch 2003 and exch 2010?

what kind of encryption does exchange have out-of-the-box?
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Sr. Systems Engineer
Encryption is an option but in house encryption is a pain in the arse to setup and distribute keys, etc....mainly because you are the authority for decrypting and the recipient has to have the "key" to decrypt the mail.

Your best option if you need encryption for any of the federal compliance spec, TECH or SARBOX, etc.... is to contract with an outside vendor. Zix, Messagelabs, etc....

Messagelabs and Zix both offer demand encryption services through a special client.

If your organization is large enough, use an appliance like a Cisco Email Gateway or Symantec Messaging Gateway. Both will use third party registration to deliver encrypted payload automatically by examining message content. With Symantec you get the additional benefit of having it clean your inbound mail stream of spam, viruses and unwanted connections.



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