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OWA Public Folders Exchange 2007

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I have an issue where an individual is unable to see the link in OWA 2007 Premium of the Public Folders.  When she use an Outlook Client she can get to them with no issues.  Here is what I have on her account when I ran: get-CASMailbox -Identity "USERNAME" | fl *

ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceIDs            : {}
ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy               : Default
ActiveSyncMailboxPolicyIsDefaulted    : True
ActiveSyncDebugLogging                :
ActiveSyncEnabled                     : True
HasActiveSyncDevicePartnership        : False
OWAEnabled                            : True
OWACalendarEnabled                    : True
OWAContactsEnabled                    : True
OWATasksEnabled                       : True
OWAJournalEnabled                     : True
OWANotesEnabled                       : True
OWARemindersAndNotificationsEnabled   : True
OWAPremiumClientEnabled               : True
OWASpellCheckerEnabled                : True
OWASearchFoldersEnabled               : True
OWASignaturesEnabled                  : True
OWAThemeSelectionEnabled              : True
OWAJunkEmailEnabled                   : True
OWAUMIntegrationEnabled               : True
OWAWSSAccessOnPublicComputersEnabled  : True
OWAWSSAccessOnPrivateComputersEnabled : True
OWAUNCAccessOnPublicComputersEnabled  : True
OWAUNCAccessOnPrivateComputersEnabled : True
OWAActiveSyncIntegrationEnabled       : True
OWAAllAddressListsEnabled             : True
OWAChangePasswordEnabled              : True
OWARulesEnabled                       : False
OWAPublicFoldersEnabled               : True  **THIS WAS SET TO FALSE BUT I ENABLED IT**OWASMimeEnabled                       : False
OWARecoverDeletedItemsEnabled         : False
PopEnabled                            : True
PopUseProtocolDefaults                : True
PopMessagesRetrievalMimeFormat        : BestBodyFormat
PopEnableExactRFC822Size              : False
ImapEnabled                           : True
ImapUseProtocolDefaults               : True
ImapMessagesRetrievalMimeFormat       : BestBodyFormat
ImapEnableExactRFC822Size             : False
MAPIEnabled                           : True
MAPIBlockOutlookNonCachedMode         : False
MAPIBlockOutlookVersions              :
MAPIBlockOutlookRpcHttp               : False
IsValid                               : True
ExchangeVersion                       : 0.1 (8.0.535.0)

The above change has been the only thing that I have changed while troubleshooting this issue.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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So only This user is unable to see OWA 2007 public folders ?
All others work fine (from the same computer ?) ?


Correct, just this specific user is having issues.  And when I have this user log in with an Outlook Client she can get to Public Folders just fine.  So I have limited it down to an OWA permissions issue.  I just cant figure out what is needed to unlock it.  I have made sure to enable public folders.

Never had such issues.
To solve that fast , I would try  to recreate the mailbox.
If that's not working, that means it has something to do with the account, in that case perhaps a permission issue within the virtual directory (IIS).
Upgraded to Exchange 2010 fixed the issue.


Upgrading corrected the issue.

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