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Outlook 2007 SP3 hangs with Exchange 2010 (SBS 2011)

needhelp8a asked
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Last Modified: 2013-06-10
i Experts,


I have a question, done quite few SBS 2011 installs and migrations. But never noticed this as a problem before.

Small Network of 6 PC, with say 4 heavy outlook users. 3 users have mailboxes of less than 2GB and one has a 6GB mailbox

They all use Outlook 2007 SP3

They all have their main inbox plus two other viewable mailboxes.

In cached mode they have slow performance, Outlook will hang for 1 minute or so, then other times is quick as expected.

Out of cached mode, Outlook is quick as expected, but can also hang for 20 seconds or a couple of minutes, with the little pop up in bottom right hand corner, saying trying to connect to exchange server

At same time as this is happening, you can open Explorer and zip around the network shares. So there is no connectivity issue.

One of the users, has 8 mailboxesd in his Outlook and he suffers the most.

This is a brand new install from scratch (new domain, new mailboxes etc), and data imported via PST. However previous SBS 2003 server had mailstore corruption from a faulty hard drive.

Is it possible export corrupt items to a PST and then import them into a brand new mailbox and they remain corrupt. As wondering if some corrupt items are causing problem.

Any ideas or pointer to test, cant find any errors in event viewer on server or PC's.




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Run an offline defrag and ISINTEG check of the database.  Refer to my FAQ for instructions: http://www.tek-tips.com/faqs.cfm?fid=5581

Note that while the FAQ was written for Exchange 2003 the ESEUTIL and ISINTEG commands remain the same so the FAQ still fully applies to Exchange 2010.


Will give it a go.

It is a brand new database, hence wondered if possible to import a corrupted item via PST


Typically the corrupt items will not migrate if you are doing a mailbox move, but I do believe the PST could have moved over bad items.
If your users have multiple mailboxes connected in outlook check if this is the issue. This article is for ex 2007 but same applies for ex 2010



Hi aoakeley,

I do that for most problematic person, and it list s like 45 sessions.

But IP address is blank.

But cant get TCP view to work as that much is passing through it in RDP (as I am remote) it just cant cope

But also how do you actually stop this problem from happening? Is its a problem with the PC?



Sorry took so long to award these points.

Never really got a full fix, but it was because of the amount of sessions open combined with the fact the mailboxes were huge.