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Cant open office docs from published shared folders on RDWeb

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I have a client where I've published their shared public drive, as well as their "private" drive, to which 3 people have access on RDWeb.  Office is also published to RDWeb.  If they open the Pubic drive via RDweb and double click an excel file, Excel will begin to open and just sit at the splash screen.  If they double click a word document, they get an error related to permissions.  What is odd, if they open Word or Excel via RDWeb first, they can browse to the file (File>Open) and it opens fine.  So basically it's having problems invoking Office from a file on RDWeb, but not opening the file from within Office as a RemoteApp.

The other oddity I'm seeing is that one person with permission to the Private drive can open it and view files, but if they open Excel first, and try to open the file, they only have to shared drive listed, not the private drive (to which they have full permissions to).

So...any RemoteApp/RDWeb guru's have any ideas??
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Have you used Filemon on both client machine and server at the same time a file is trying to be accessed to see what is being denied.

It will give you information on the processes running and what they are trying to and failing. Are the files shared by direct NTFS permissions (i.e. granting each user access to the files) or is it group membership?

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