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What is danger of DML thru a view?

Eric3141 asked
At some class I attended years ago I was told that update, insert, or delete through a view was not a wise thing to do.  I am aware that I can use a trigger to prevent this or I can include a GROUP BY clause in the view definition and include every column in the Select statement to prevent it.  Before I do this I want to ask what the dangers are and what your opinion and experience has been.

Also, if I allow UPDATE but disallow Insert and Delete is that acceptable in your opinion?

Thx in advance.

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Top Expert 2011
You can insert, update, delete from a view. However, there are limitations.

Please read this before procedding:


Scott PletcherSenior DBA
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Distinguished Expert 2019
There is nothing inherently wrong with using DML thru a view.  SQL Server itself will insure that the DML affects only a single table, and that the row from that table to be modified is uniquely identified.


Did this used to be a problem in SQL Server 2000?  It seems like years ago I deleted a row in a view and deleted all rows in both parent and child table with the one row deleted in view.

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