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password vault

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Hi Experts,

Anybody have experience using a good secure windows app for storing passwords and general account info?  I have Norton Identity Safe but I don't want something burried in my browser.  I'ld like a stand alone app.  I'd love to hear from someone who is actually using an app.


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Efficient Password Manager - been using if for ages to keep tabs of personal passwords and licenses. Never left me down yet.

For online use ( and it also has a local Vault option ), LastPass is also very good.
1Password isn't free (or cheap) but for me that's by far the best solution (I have the Mac, Windows and iOS versions), it's fully compatible with most popular browsers. updating weekly/monthly with new features, really fast and easy to use interface. very secure encryption so I can store/share it with dropbox with no fear.

KeePass is the best
and yes, I have used it for years, the company I currently work for has been using it since before I got here, and I have worked for other companies that used it.
I've been using Password Safe for years.  Simple but does the trick.  

You can load it as a program (registry entry) or in a Green mode to just keep on a USB key to take from machine to machine.

There are lots of programs with similar names, so be sure you're at souceforge to download it.


Thanks everyone, I'm testing the different products you mentioned

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