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How can I modify the printing preferences of 64-Bit print drivers installed on a 32-Bit Server 2008 print server?

Here is my scenario:

We are looking to upgrade our clients to Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit.  All sites are currently on Windows Vista 32-Bit.  At each site we have a 32-Bit Windows Server 2008 server that acts as a local domain controller, dhcp server, file server, and print server.

Since we are looking to upgrade to Windows 7 64-Bit we need to upload the 64-Bit drivers to the print server as our printers are installed automatically for our clients from the server via login scripts.

I have already performed the following:

Under the printer properties of one of the printers in question on the 32-bit server, I have gone to the Sharing tab, then Additional Drivers.  I have clicked on x64 which prompted me to install the 64-bit driver.  This worked without any issues.

However, the problem comes in when I have to modify any of the printing preferences for the 64-bit driver.  Since the printer just has the 64-bit driver added as an additional driver it doesn't display options such as defaulting to black and white.  The settings that are loaded are just the default settings from the printing manufacturer.

I was able to resolve this problem by doing the following:

I created an instance of the printer on a different server in the environment that was 64-Bit.  I loaded the 64-Bit drivers which obviously gave me the ability to change the printing preferences.  Once I changed all of the printing preferences that I needed such as defaulting to black and white I extracted the driver from  C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository.

With the modified print driver I took from the other 64-Bit server in my environment I once again added it as an additional driver to the 32-Bit print server.

This procedure does work but is not efficient at all.  The problem with this is that any settings that one of our office locations wants changed; i'll have to add the printer to a 64-Bit server, make the changes to the printing preferences, extract the driver, and then once again add it as an additional driver on the 32-bit server out at the location.

Is there a better way to go about this?  I will definitely even consider third party software if it will work.
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Go get a copy of Microsoft's Print Migration tool from a 2K8R2, or 7 Enterprise/Ultimate, setup one system, create the migration file, then push it at will in STARTUP script: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc722360.aspx


Microsoft's Print Migration tools seems more applicable if I was going to retire my x86 print server and go to a x64.  However, the scenario is since I have 20+ locations all with x86 server's currently, I'm really not wanting to upgrade all of them before I upgrade PCs to Windows 7 64-Bit since they already GC's, etc. (It's a big job).
Go to one of the x64 systems and setup the preferences and the printer the way you like it.  Then use the migration tool to install that on all of the x64 systems with GPO.  It should work flawlessly and let you change anything you want at will.

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