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How can I change the webmail address/URL in Exchange 2003?

I have a Server 2003 R2 environment running Exchange 2003 (6.5.7638.1).  I believe I need to change my default webmail URL to resolve an issue I am having connecting and downloading mail to devices using the webmail address from within my network.  Everything works fine externally but fails inside the network.

I believe the problem is with related to my domain.  Everything was originally setup as acmeva.com.  We have since changed our public domain to acme.com without the VA but are still using webmail.acmeva.com as our webmail URL.  webmail.acme.com will automatically forward to webmail.aceva.com externally but can't on the network.

I tried setting up an A Host record in DNS but the public IP gets in the way and wants to resolve to webmail.acmeva.acme.com, which fails.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can resolve this and/or change my default webmail URL?

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Senior Technical Lead
Is your internal and external domain names are same? Are you able to access your public website from internally?
Could you create a www records pointing to your domain and see whether it makes any difference.

You can change the URL from EMC right clicking the server node and properties>>here you will find the internal and external addresses.

Good Luck
exch 2003 makes you manage all web stuff in IIS manager, not in exchange.

Use IIS manager and select the website that contains the exchnage sites. you can speficy sites in there.

In general, this isnt needed as it accepts any requests by default, so I suspect your issue is DNS related.
Check your own DNS servers for both the new and old DNS zones to see if this is getting in the way.

If it works fine from outside but not inside you need to check what IPs are returned. Try pinging the website from inside and outside the network and see what IPs your get.



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