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Strange IM behavior

We have installed a fresh build on Lync 2010 w/ Exchange 2010 integration.  This is our second pass at it.  We had an original installation which, while mostly working, had a few items that weren't correct from the start so we started over.

With that said - we have an odd issue where some of our test users are able to log on and send an IM out just fine (communication is both ways, etc) BUT when that person is added to a contact list and communication to them is initiated it fails (User not found, message not sent).
Their free/busy information is updating correctly within the Outlook client, etc. - you simply can't send an IM to them.

I'm stumped.
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Is it just IM or does it fail on Lync Call, EMail and sharing as well?


After a bit more research it is even stranger than I originally thought.  The good news is that it seems related to me talking to these folks and isn't an overall problem BUT it only happens if I try to send after opening IM from the Outlook window - if I open the client itself and IM them it works fine.

Hi Loendar, I have seen simmilar issues when you have created test accounts with similar email addresses or use outlook contacts with wrong email addresses assigned. The client tries to send a message then based on the email address, which belongs to more contacts. Can you start the Lync logging tool and simmulate the problem, with sip logging turned on and share the output?
It appears to have 'self-corrected' somehow.  I shall close the request.


Problem corrected.

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