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Outlook to Excel

I have a folder in excel that has about 150 emails in it. I would like to export the information in that folder to excel. The final result would be a row for every information with columns like: Date Received, Subject, Body, etc.

Any way to make this possible?
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In outlook 2010 click file, options, advanced, export. Click export to a file, and choose comma separated values windows. Then select the folder, click next, and choose a destination.


Is it the same for 2007?

I think - Click the office button and look for export, either in the menu, or in options.

Select the first message>>press and hold shift key>>click the last message - now you should get all the messages selected or click one of the message and press control+a togather (this will select all the messages) an now press control+c and then open excel and press control+v.


I worked but it didn't include the date and time that it was sent. Is there anyway of making that happen? Thanks!

According to which method?
In Outlook 2007: File > Import and Export > Export to a file > Comma Separated Values (Windows).  Once you get to this stage, you'll be prompted to choose a folder, choose a save location, and then have an opportunity to map fields.  By default, you'll get the following fields:

From: (Name)
From: (Address)
From: (Type)
To: (Name)
To: (Address)
To: (Type)
CC: (Name)
CC: (Address)
CC: (Type)
BCC: (Name)
BCC: (Address)
BCC: (Type)
Billing Information

It does not appear that you can bring in the date/time with this method.
Fayaz's method will get you the header information: From/Subject/Received/Size/Categories, but not the Body of the email.  You should be able to generate a list from both methods and then marry the date/time to the export through a VLOOKUP on the subject content