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How does EIGRP decide what the neighbor IP address is

If two switches have layer 2 trunks between them and both have multiple vlan interfaces defined in EIGRP how does EIGRP pick which IP address to use in the show EIGRP neighbor command?

Or does the neighbor command show all the vlan interfaces and physical interfaces on the layer 2 connected neighbor?
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It should list the ip address of the neighbor's interface that is on the same subnet as it's interface.


I believe that you are correct.

I have multiple EIGRP neighbors. One neighbor for each eigrp device found of the physical connection to the mpls cloud and one neighbor for each vlan interface that is allowed across the trunk to the partner switch that has a matching network statement.
YES its correct //whatever subnet u advertise in eigrp process and same network from other side is in
EIGRP process they are neighbors.

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