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Merge Replication between SQL server 2000 and SQL server 2005

I have merge replication going on between SQL server 2000 servers. We have a new server which has SQL server 2005.

I want to do push merge relocation on that server(SQL2005) have Publisher/distributor on SQL server 2000 and SQL server 2005 as subscribers can this be done? if yes how ?
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Database Analyst
It can't be done with "SQL Replication".
The only thing you can do is full backup on SQL 2000 and restore on SQL 2005 or some custom solution based on SQL SSIS (old DTS in SQL 2000) but that would mean lots of coding.
AnujSQL Server DBA
Top Expert 2011
This cannot be done, because in merge replication the subscribers version of sql server should be less than that of publisher. For transactional replication you can use SQL Server 2000 as Publisher and SQL Server 2005 as a subscriber.


Thanks I will do backup and restore :(

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