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windows 2008 r2 dfs share, across multiple sites

jsctechy asked
looking to create a backup site for some services we use, one of them uses our DFS share that we have users profiles on
current setup is 2 file servers running DFS
want to add a new DFS server (hosting the same share) at a different site, but only want it to be used in the event that the first 2 are down.
anyway to get this done?
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Network Engineer
Setup DFS replication as usual. You can create the DFS namespace links and leave them disabled, which will absolutlely prevent them from getting used until you activate them. If you have AD sites and services configured properly, clients will normally only use the server in the same AD site, or the closest site (according to AD site link cost) when accessing DFS namespace shares, so it might be okay to leave the DFS link active, depending on how much of a problem it would be for you if someone were to somehow connect to the wrong server. For personal user data, I generally leave all links active because it is unlikely that someone is going to modify the same file on two different servers. For departmental and other shared files I absolutely only have 1 DFS link active at a time.

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