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DNS question

skbohler asked

We're in a position where we have a CMS showing our home pages on one server, and our web applications residing on another server.

We'd like all pages accessed via "www.domainname.com" (instead of having one subdomain for the CMS pages on one server, and another subdomain for the application pages (e.g., www.domainname.com/tools/page.asp) on another server).

How can this be done?
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Without a load-balancer or other front-end web server in front of the boxes re-directing the traffic, you're not going to be able to use the same hostname for both systems.  

I should probably point out that it's "possible" to have each of the boxes re-direct to the others based on the full string, but that would be messy and difficult to debug problems.  The "right" way to do it is with some other sort of front end.
Top Expert 2011

I'm a bit confused by your question.  Are you saying that you want requests for www.domainname.com/tools/page.asp to be redirected to www.domainname.com ?  I'm guessing that's not what you mean but please clarify your question/needs/expected results/etc.  What are these other subdomains you speak of?



I meant we want some accesses of a www address (e.g., www.domainname.com/marketingpage.asp) to go to one server, and other accesses (e.g., www.domainname.com/tools/directory.asp) to go to another server.

Does that help?

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Oh ok I see now.  Sentner's got this one taken care of.  Nothing can be done for this as far as DNS is concerned.

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