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Migrating print server from 2003 to 2008 and getting "printer driver is unknown error)

adml_shake asked
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Last Modified: 2012-06-22
Were setting up a new Win 2006 x64 server to replace a 2003 box.  I'm trying to migrate the printers over to the new one using the print migration tool.  I installed the x64 drivers for all the printers and ran the migration tool, but only a handfull of them made the move.  The others came back with :

Printbrm.exe (the Printer Migration Wizard or the command-line tool) failed to restore print queue Plt3-2800. The restore process will continue, skipping this queue. Error: 0x80070705. The printer driver is unknown

Anyone know what this means or how I go about fixing it?
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Distinguished Expert 2019

How many printers there are? The drivers that exist on the 2k3 might not work with 2k8?
How do you deploy the printers (via GPO)?
Is setting/adding the printers to the 2k8 print server

It should work from win2k3 according to http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc722360.aspx.
What you could try is migrate to a windows vista/7 system and then migrate from there to win2k8 if adding/installing the individual printers on the win2k8 is too much.
You will need to do a lot of this manually because the drivers will be different for 2003 and 2008 servers. Printmig is designed to migrate from the same OS and bit type.
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Depending on how the printers are currently deployed, you could update the drivers on the printers on the win2k3 to be inclusive to the win2k8 32 and 64 bit while taking the risk that the client computers could not update the drivers and will not be able to print.
Andrew OakeleyConsultant
I would do it manually. Even when the migration tool has worked to migrate from 2003 to 2008/2008R2 I have found that the print spooler often becomes unstable and causes all sorts of issues.


I ended up just reinstalling all of them manually.  Yeah it took a few hours, but saved me a lot of headache.

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