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Suggestions Needed - Connecting external website to interal SQL server

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
Our website is hosted by a third party company using Linux and Apache.  Internally, we have SQL Server 2008.  I want to be able to provide our clients access to their data from our website.  I don't want to have to export data from SQL to mySQL, as that would be a constant process to make sure the data was up to date.  Currently, our SQL server does not have an external IP address.

I just need some ideas of how to make this happen.

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What do you want to do? Just to check if the data are up-to-date? If yes, then I would suggest you install a monitoring system. A client will sit on the SQL Server 2008 and the the monitoring server will sit on the linux.

Read more about zabbix. Its open source and its really good. No need for a public IP address at the client side because zabbix can work in passive or active mode.

You can read more here: http://http://www.zabbix.com/

Good Luck!



I don't want to have data in two places, that's what I want to avoid.  I want to figure out the best and most secure way to access my SQL server data from the web server without putting my SQL server at a big security risk.
Use a VPN.  I believe the SQL server can establish the connection, which gives both machines a network that they can communicate over without the SQL server needing an external IP.


You can use what crazedsanity suggested.

If the clients all have public IP addresses and you have IP tables, you can open access to SQL only to those IPs and close to the rest of the world.

Did you think of getting a firewall?

Good Luck!
@icenick: it was stated in the original question that only the webserver has a public IP.  Firewall or no firewall, only that internal SQL server could initiate communications to the public webserver.  Having the internal SQL server connected via VPN means that no other machine would be able to communicated directly with it (that's the "private" part).  Adding a firewall wouldn't help anything if a VPN were properly employed.

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