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messages getting stuck in the 'messages pending submission queue'

Petersennik asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-12
For the last three days I've been having a situation where messages queue up in the 'messages pending submission' queue and the only way to get them to be transmitted is by restarting the server. Then the same issue will recurr a few hours later. What could be the cause of this?
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Which AntiVirus you are using? and Exclude the Exchange folders from antivirus?


I'm using macafee and the echange folders are excluded from being scanned by the antivirus since all incoming mail is scanned by GFI mail security.
1.I would suggest you to temporarily suspend all the antivirus applications(such as GFI mailessentials) on the Exchange server and check the effect.

2.If it can not resolve the issue,Enable message tracking option and trace the message to findout where  exactly the message got stucked.Make sure that the Global catolog (Gc) server working fine communicate with Exchange properly.

3.If still the Issue is not resolved,turn on Diagnostics Logging on the MSExchangeTransport service on
your Exchange server. We can use Diagnostics Logging to determine the cause
of a transport issue. To do so:

a. Start Exchange System Manager.
b. Expand Servers, right-click Your_Server_Name, and then click Properties.
c. Click the Diagnostics Logging tab, highlight the MSExchangeTransport
entry, and increase all its sub-categories to maximum.

Restart the MSExchangeTransport service and check the Eventviewer for any MSExchangeTransport errors.


Thank you. The issue was the GFI