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A font update issue with Photoshop

Hello, I am running CS5 on Windows 7, and Photoshop suddenly began to change my font every time I use Arial. It does not happen if I use Arial bold, italic, etc. Only if I use Arial regular.

I get this message "Some text layers might need to be updated before they can be used for vector based output. Do you want to update those layers now?"

It happens no matter if I open a preexisting file, or if I create a new one.

I was wondering, does anyone know what could cause this? I deleted my Photoshop settings folder, ran the font error script, and Arial is and has been installed on my computer, this is only a very recent issue with it.

Thanks in advance
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The part about creating a new one has be stumped.

Microsoft keeps updating Arial and released a new version along with Windows 7, and also, I believe, a new version with the release of IE 9.

When Photoshop sees a newer version of a font, it gives the message that you are seeing. You should be able to save, or use save as if there were no changes, and the message should not pop up the next time that you open THAT file.

Eventually, all of your files will be updated.

But you say that it happens on new files as well? Does it happen when you create the new file, or when you go and reopen the new file that you just saved?

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