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SBS 2011 - A user with 2 mailboxes

Amiga-2000 asked

I am looking at taking on a company who run SBS 2008 on nasty hardware in need of replacement. Currently they have 1 exchange handled domain, 1 external domain which clients POP down to a PST (which is stored across network - Nice)

I'm looking at upgrading to 2011 (fresh not migration as only 10 staff). I have read this from the MVP Sembee http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-CA/exchangesvrgeneral/thread/bb3cd22e-9915-4a42-bcc4-1330be63acf4
 which sound very interesting. I will certainly be looking to add both abc.com & 123.com as accepted domains. Sembee advises 5 users can have multiple mailboxes. What is the correct way to set these additional mailboxes up in EMC. I understand the initial setup of the 10 staff using SBS add user wizard, that gives me abc.com. To create the extra 10 mailboxes in EMC it would appear that folllowing the EMC new mailbox wizard i would be creating a new user account. Is this the correct way to create the mailbox? If so my plan is to create the extra 10 mailboxes for 123.com and assign the corresponding SBS created user the 'Full Mailbox permission'. Is this the correct procedure to give each SBS wizard created user two mailboxes.

Lastly I want to confirm each extra mailbox does do count as an extra user cal because it look/sounds like it's an additnal user in AD

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You can do it in 2 different ways, and that depends on your needs.
If the users only need to RECEIVE emails from the 2 different domains, you don't need 2 accounts per user.
You can create one account per user, and each user can have the 2 different email addresses assigned to their account. So one would be their primary (used for when they send emails out) and the other one would be the secondary, just used to receive those emails.

But, if the users need the ability to send emails as the 2 different addresses, then you need 2 accounts per user, each with the primary address set properly so that when they send emails out it shows coming from that address. In this case you need the Send-As permissions set up properly and the secondary mailbox opened in their Outlook, so they can see those emails as well.

In this case, I believe you would need the extra licensing as they are regular accounts.


Thanks for response. I should of stipulated that staff need to receive and send as either domain so, yes two mailboxes. I am interested in Sembee's comment in link above re multiple mailboxes per user. I will see if someone else has experience with this licencing question. Thanks again.
I am not that familiar with licensing, according to that article it's per user, but I always thought it was per user account, and not per person... but I am not sure. I always thought you could do per user or per device...but maybe it has changed.

Either way, the setup is the same as I described, 2 accounts, with Full Mailbox and Send-As permissions set properly...

Good luck on the licensing thing.
Top Expert 2008
CALs are ~honour~ based, there is nothing to enforce them

If you have 3 physical people working in the office, and 100 mailboxes being used between them, you only need 3 CALs (user cals are for actual users, not user accounts)

I am not a laywer/your mileage may vary/etcetera

edit: as far as multiple users, depends how you want to do it - one mailbox per domain can be a bit cleaner if they want to keep it separate.  There is nothing to stop you putting both email addresses on the one account though.


Well I'm an 'honourable' person.

Cheers boys !!!

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