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Linked Image causes error in Access Database

We are running an Access 2003 program with a linked image on a form in a Server 2003 environment.  Any user other than an administrator that tries to open the database gets a message asking to repair the database, and kicks them out of the program. It works if the user is an administrator, or if the image is embedded. How can I fix this without making all users Administrators?
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Is you Database split into FE and BE?
How do you have the images linked? Networkdrive?
How is the access to the networkdrive arranged, does the users have access rights?
Do you use Access Runtime? Do you have error handling in place?


Hi danishani:
It is split, FE + BE, the images won't work linked on a network drive, or even a local directory that has been given full permission access. (and the network storage drive allows access). It is using the access runtime, but there is very little error handling in place.

It seems to me that serve2003 is not allowing access to make a request for a file outside of the .MDB.
What code are you using to show/ retrieve the images in Form?

Error handling is essential using Runtime, as it will not tell what happened when it crashes, and its hard to tell what is causing it.


On load of the form, it sets the .picture control to a directory saving in the table, as i say it works fine as an admin. Looking now i do have some basic error reporting prompting a msgbox with the error number and description, but i don't get an access popup msgbox, I get one of those "send error report" or "don't send"  to microsoft, with the option to repair the database.
With admin, you mean Admin in USL (User Level Security)?

Does the users have access to this table? It should be, problably another error will raise.
Other then that, I am running out of clues...


If I login to the server as an administrator, or if i give the user administrator rights, it works fine. Also if i make them a power user, it works fine. The user does have access to the table.

It must be something to do with how access is interacting with server2003 and permissions somewhere along the line, but the folder with the .mdb is shared with full permission, and i even link the image to the same directory with no luck.
Yes, I guess you are right, if the problem does not lays with Access, it must somewhere at system level.
However I am afraid, that's not my expertise.


We agreed the error wasn't within our expertise.

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