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Apple Open Directory question

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Last Modified: 2013-11-11
If I have an Apple OS X server with users accounts configured through Workgroup Manager, what will happen to those accounts if I set up Open Directory on that server?  Will those accounts still ok/get deleted/ get imported to Open Directory?  Also, would it have any affect on existing folder permissions?  Thanks!
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Open Directory will create an LDAP directory that can be populated with new users, groups and computer groups. Your existing users will be untouched, as well as, current permissions pertaining to those users on the server. In WGM you will have a choice of Local and LDAPv3. Each of these can be controlled individually. The Local users will have to be exported from Local and imported into LDAP if you want them in Open Directory. Keep in mind that the LDAP users and the Local users are different users with different UIDs, even when given the same name.
If there is a duplicate of names in each directory, the local users takes precedence and settings etc. will be applied from the local account.


Thanks for your help!

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