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Can RM COBOL be started in Windows by passing the login and menu prompts to it from a text file?

I can run RM COBOL on an AIX system with the following:
runcobol SI/SI2000 -t 0 -k < ${dprmt}

When trying to do the same type of process in Windows with the following:
start /w %RM85%\RUNCOBOL SI/SI2000 k t=0 < %dprmt%

it stops at the User ID and nothing is displayed.  I have tried all types of variations, the variables are set correctly.

dprmt is a text file containing the responses to be passed to the prompts.
RM/COBOL Runtime - Version 11.01 for 32-Bit Windows.

Does anyone know of a way to get this to work in Windows?


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As far as I kinow, there is no way possible to do this.  Sorry for the short answer....


Hi FireRunt:

Thanks for the reply.  Not what I had hoped for and no other responses so I guess that is that.

Thanks again,

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