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need batch file for windows command prompt to open, copy a file start a program and then close

i need a batch file that i can run that will do the following

copy an   .ini file
copy an .exe file
run the .exe file
close the batch window, while leaving the program running.

what i have so far is

xcopy P:\suite\new\ca.exe "c:\program files\ca" /Y
xcopy P:\suite\new\ca.ini c:\ca.ini /Y

"c:\program files\ca\ca.exe"


this works fine except that it leaves the command window open until i exit the ca.exe program.

this is a problem because sometimes in moving in and out of forms within the program, teh command window ends up on top of the pile. and not consistantly.

so what i was hoping to do was to be able to start the program within the command window and then just exit the command window.  leaving the program running.

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start "c:\program files\ca\ca.exe"

in your cmd-file.


i add the start.
i just get a command window.

i take the start back out   it executes the program and leaves the window open...

i have other programs that explicity use the /w command for the program to wait until the executed program is complete before continuing....

this is the oppisite of that.

i WANT it to continue on and end.
If you just get another command box instead of your program started with
start "C:\path\to\program.exe"

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there is anything wrong with your exe. Is it a real exe/binary or something else like another script?
In batch using start is the prefered method to execute a binary exe-application.


ok,  it really doesnt like spaces.

i had to  do this

cd "c:\program files (x86)\ca"
start ca.exe

You have two options for the folder, if your exe-file contains spaces just first works:
rem Using old dos names (from "dir /X")
start C:\Progra~1\ca\ca.exe
rem Using /D for path
start /D"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\ca" ca.exe

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