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Is there some trype of free change control software

I need something to tell me when anything is changed on a system, like the registry, ie settings, updates, etc...

Is there any free that I might be able to use for xp, win7?
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Are you looking for something for personal use or for use in an Enterprise environment?
As I understand, you want to know the changes , which are called as events in system terminology, you can directly Right-click on MYCOMPUTER and select manage where you can see different kinds of events,

Though we have third party resources for easy understanding those events,
is one of the resource which helps you to get emails for any changes on your machine.

Hope you would like the above article.

You can script such stuff well via Powershell, even better if in Domain environment.
The problem however is, that there are permanently changes in registry and file system - "anything" always changes, so you would have to limit what to monitor.
And you need to be aware, that hardcore permanent monitoring vs. snapshots are causing a huge amount of data, which is practically not to handle well and requires a lot of storage.

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