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Read Only Rights in Exchange

loshdog asked
Hello and thank you for your time.

We have Exchange 2003. We have an info mailbox. We also have intern accounts. I want to be able to give interns read only permissions to the info email account.

I did add the user to Mialbox Rights for Info account. I checked Read only in Allow and later in Deny columns. But it seems not to have any effect. The intern user is still able to reply to emails.

Is there a way to give users read only rights to a mail box w/o the ability to send?

Many Thanks In Advance...
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1.Open the Active Directory Users And Computers.
 2.Select the appropriate user account object.
 3.Right click the user account object and select Properties from the shortcut menu.
 4.Click the Exchange General tab.
 5.Click Delivery Options.
 6.The Delivery Options dialog box opens.
 7.Set maximum recipients to 0.
 8.Click OK.


Hello sirakov

Thank you for your response.

Clarification:    2.Select the appropriate user account object.

By appropriate user account object, do you mean the intern account or the info mailbox?

Thank you again..


Well, if you want to restrict the info mailbox being able to send/reply to emails. You'll apply the above to the info user in Active Directory.
Also "intern" should not have send AS and send on behalf on the info mailbox.
Top Expert 2012
We have a very similar setup here.

What we do is, log on as the Info Mailbox
Open OUtlook as the Info Account
Go to Tools>Options>Delegate Options
Add the users as a Delegate to the Inbox, calendar ect
Give them REVIEWER Permissions

Close out, log off

No the Interns can go to FIle>Open>Other users Files and folders
add the Info Mailbox

and wah la!


Thank you very much for your help.

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